Introduction to Krav Maga

A 4-week experience learning one of the world's most effective self-defense system.


Each class focuses on a specific theme or topic. From choke releases to protecting others, you will get a sampling of all that the system of KMG Krav Maga has to offer.

As with our regular classes the Introduction to Krav Maga Course develops 4 components - physical, technical, tactical, & mental


Your classmates are all beginners who have taken that first big step to improve their confidence, deal with stress, and learn practical self-defense skills.

Your instructors are a highly qualified and professional group of the top ranking KMG instructors on the East Coast.


All new journeys start with a single step. Join us for our January Introduction to Krav Maga Course and step onto the the path towards increased confidence, physical fitness and personal safety.

Don't miss this unique experience!

Join a community where everyone is committed to your success.

What You'll Learn

Some of the material will we cover in the Introduction to Krav Maga Course includes:


Developing Striking Power - Using our natural tools effectively


Releases from common chokes and holds


Defending yourself on the ground

Using Common Objects for Self-Defense

Developing effective decision-making under stressful conditions

Videos from past classes and events

Fight Through!

2016 Intro to KM

Striking Drill

Women's Self-Defense

Warm-up Game

Instructor Development

WORLD CLASS Instructors

Nick Masi

Nick is the Lead Instructor at FDKM, KMG Expert 2 under Eyal Yanilov and has been teaching Krav Maga in Northern Virginia for over 15 years.

Paul A.

Paul is FDKM's most senior instructor. KMG Expert 1 and has been a familiar face at FDKM for over 7 years.

Sam M.

Sam is a KMG Expert 1 and regularly teaches both Youth and Adult classes.

Chris M.

Chris is a KMG Graduate 5. He has also completed additional training in Krav Maga for law enforcement.


Schedule may be altered based on the needs of the participants

Week #1

Mon 2/4: Striking & Strike Defenses

Wed 2/6: Releases from Chokes

Week #2

Mon 2/11: Escaping Bear Hugs

Wed 2/13: Defending from the Ground

Week #3

Mon 2/18: Using Common Objects

Wed 2/20: Fighting Tactics

Week #4

Mon 2/25: Protecting Others

Wed 2/27: Pistol Threats

Don't miss this unique experience!

Join a community where everyone is committed to your success.